The Horse Spas UK equine hydrotherapy spa stands at the forefront in the market place with its own unique design and manufacturing techniques. As you journey through our website you will see many features within its design and construction that can only be attributed to many years of practical experience and knowledge derived from working with horses.

A key feature developed within Horse Spas UK is the knowledge gained from years of research, coupled with practical experience in such a measure that has enabled the Horse Spas UK team to develop and produce an equine hydrotherapy spa that provides the most effective treatment.

The spa is ‘tall and handsome’, easy to use and oozes ‘horse sense’ providing a safe and practical working environment for both horse and the spa’s operator.

Horse Spas UK purposefully focussed its development around equine professionals of the highest ranking in their respective disciplines and constantly encourages client feedback to enable further development to maintain its position within the market place.

With clients in the UK, throughout Europe and beyond, the Horse Spas UK team has established itself as an organisation producing equine hydrotherapy spas of the highest standards at very competitive prices.