Each Horse Spas UK’s equine spa is custom built in our own factory manufactured by craftsmen, chosen in accordance with their ability to produce a quality hand made product.

The team also has the ability to manufacture and install equine spas in a clients premises, that in accordance with standard sizes, other spas would not fit.

The combination of polypropylene, marine standard galvanised steel complemented by marine grade stainless steel trimwork provides a robust, safe working environment for both horse and operator.

The Horse Spa UK equine hydrotherapy unit is instantly recognisable by its design and development features created from a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with horses.

Polypropylene Body
Polypropylene material is chosen beacause it offers the ability to combine joinery skills with the welding skills of a metal fabricator providing a strong, damage resistant, easy clean body which will not rust nor become contaminated with the elements that the equine spa comes into contact with everyday of its working life.

Rubber Lined
The polypropylene body is lined on the inside with high quality rubber panelling along with a one piece anti-slip floor mat providing an area in which the horse is treated comfortably and safely.

Constructed out of steel box section and galvanised upto marine standard quality.

Door frames are constructed out of steel box section and galvanised upto marine standard quality. Rubber panels are mounted on the doors inner face and finished with stainless steel trimwork.

The Side Step Facility
Within the design the side steps enable the user(s) to safely monitor treatment of the horse on either side of the unit giving good visibility of the hydrotherapy treatment process.

The side step facility is also particularly important when at times you may get an agitated horse within the spa, the operator(s) can comfort the horse during treatment.

The Safety Gates
The Horse Spa UK equine hydrotherapy unit also provides within its construction safety gates providing safe operation for the operator and horse during treatment and by design also enables a solarium to be mounted above the spa.

The Refrigerated Water Tank
A stand alone, easy maintenance, refrigerated and insulated 2780 litre water tank providing constant water throughout the day at temperature levels required to carry out successful hydrotherapy treatments in the minimum amount of time.

The Spa Jets
Unique spa jets are positioned within the construction creating a massaging effect around front and rear legs of the horse during treatment. The spa jets by design draw in air producing oxygen levels within the hydrotherapy process which aids treatment and the healing process.

The Anti-vibration Legs
Adjustable stainless steel anti-vibration legs within the construction enable the spa to be installed upon uneven surfaces.

The Filtration System
A 3 stage filter system provides effective filtration capable of particle reduction down to 200 microns, and each stage filter is easily maintained on a daily basis.

Fully Insured
Specifically designed to hang to the rear of the horse and fixed to the spa with adjustable cleat fasteners enabling the nappy to retain its position up to the rear of the horse.