Historically, battles have been fought by soldiers on horseback and whenever possible, to assist them to recover from the scars of battle they would take a swim in the sea. This would also prepare them for future battles.

As we journey into the 21st Century with all its technological advances, the ‘world of the horse’ moves forward but despite all of this the treatment of the horse somehow meanders its way back to embrace age-old treatment methods.

Just like our ancestors who proved that the saline solution of the sea aided their quest for supremacy on the battle field, today’s competitors, veterinary clinics and treatment centres continue to prove that an equine hydrotherapy spa quickly becomes an asset in their own quest for supremacy within their chosen vacation or competitive discipline.

Horses, just like humans, require special care following injury and with the use of hydrotherapy treatment results have shown that a strong and speedier recovery takes place.

Embracing the historic method of treatment using saline water therapy with modern technology, the Horse Spas UK team brings to you an equine hydrotherapy spa assembled using modern materials, utilising skills and techniques perfected over a number of years.