Bringing The Sea To You
Research suggests hydrotherapy treatment increases fitness and general well-being as well as proving very beneficial for many equine injuries. This treatment is growing in popularity as results prove that horses with injuries recuperate and recover more quickly using salt water hydrotherapy treatment. Research also shows that hydrotherapy treatment not only promotes healing but can also aid in the prevention of injury.

A proven method of treating many equine ailments and injuries, the Horse Spas UK hydrotherapy unit operates at temperature levels of between 2 and 4 degrees centigrade throughout the day agitating the treatment water using unique spa jets. These jets operate at a significantly reduced noise level to spas using ‘air jet’ systems. The jet systems agitating the water and creating a swirling effect around the fore and hind legs of the horse providing a massaging effect on the limbs.

The spa jets draw in air during operation producing oxygen levels within the water which in turn aids the healing process. Salt concentrate of 20 grams sodium chloride (salt) and 30 grams magnesium sulphate (epsom salts) roughly equates to double that of the sea. This saline solution creates a drawing effect on the injuries and wounds, assisting in the healing process.

Bacteria is killed by the spa’s operation at the low operating water temperature level.